It’s almost as frequent a health complaint as the common cold- back pain and most often pain in the lower back or low back pain. Nine out of ten North Americans experience low back pain at least once in their lifetime and for half it will reoccur or become persistent for more than a month then referred to as chronic. It is not a specific disease and for 75% of the sufferers no clear and specific cause can be identified. In fact, back pain is a symptom that something else is going on.

Low back pain accounts for incalculable hours and dollars in lost work time. Again, it is second to the common cold in workplace absence reporting and is one of the primary reasons for appointments at a doctor’s office or arrivals at hospital emergency. It can range from mildly irritating to debilitating.

To properly understand back pain, we have to remember that it is a symptom. It can be caused by injuring the spine’s muscles, bones or nerves. Disease in these areas can also be a factor. Back pain does not necessarily originate in the back. It may be referred pain arising from abdominal organ abnormalities. And the natural processes of life can be contributing factors. Pregnancy can contribute to back pain through the stretching of pelvic ligaments, pressure on nerves or strains due to the growth of baby weight. Athletic pursuits, leisure activities like gardening, and household maintenance such as snow shovelling are all frequent lifestyle activators.

Just as the causes of back pain seem unending so do the variety of ways the pain appears. For some sufferers the pain is isolated to the lower back while for others it can radiate on either side or down the front or back of the leg. Exercise can make it better for some and worse for others. Lying down, sitting, or standing can have different effects for different individuals. In 90% of cases, the low back pain goes away on its own within a month and it’s a matter of easing it and not exacerbating it until that time. If you have back pain, you intuitively know to seek ways to relieve it. EmbraceAir’s catalogue of back and neck supports and motion medicine area viable source of ease and improvement. Our products have a proven record.