When you are suffering with back pain you have to live with it all day, all the time, until you recover or some form of effective intervention is implemented. While you have pain, you can take a number of actions to control your pain- to help yourself. There are many small things for you to undertake to manage, lessen or improve your back pain.

One of the primary ways to combat back pain may sound counter-intuitive but it is important to stay as active as possible. Physical activity can assist your body to maintain or even improve its conditioning. Walking, swimming, and stretching may be beneficial as these are relatively gentle exercise regimes. Even the smallest daily increase in this area may influence the amount of pain you experience and help in recovery.  Years ago they would put people in casts and immobilize for weeks.  New  research has proven that recovery is faster with activity.

It is normal with back pain to have good and bad days and it is human to try to cram as much as possible into the good days when they arrive. This can be a major mistake in back pain management for over doing it may in fact make the pain worse. It is a much superior approach to keep to a steady pace. Spreading out the tasks is likely to extend the amount of time you can work without pain or with reduced pain and eliminate the danger of back pain flare-ups. Planning and prioritizing, developing flexibility in your mind, and goal setting can also help you mentally by removing frustration. Stay positive, it will get better!

It is extremely useful to write a pain diary recording times of increased pain and what you were doing and times of lessened pain and its activities. You may start to see patterns in your lifestyle that contribute to greater pain and then exert yourself to change, alter a method, or avoid such tasks. Such a diary may also be helpful for health practitioners you may decide to consult.

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