Back Pain Basics

It’s almost as frequent a health complaint as the common cold- back pain and most often pain in the lower back or low back pain. Nine out of ten North Americans experience low back pain at least once in their lifetime and for half it will reoccur or become persistent for more than a month then referred to as chronic. It is not a specific disease and for 75% of the sufferers no clear and specific cause can be identified. In fact, back pain is a symptom that something else is going on.

Back Care and Improvement

Back pain episodes can be crippling.  Our lives are so dependent on our healthy backs and yet we tend to neglect them until we have a problem.   Fortunately there are many actions we can take to lower the possibility of experiencing disabling back pain.

What can we do to keep our backs fit and healthy? What can we do to reduce the risks of developing back problems? How can we reduce the negative impacts of back pain in our lives? Attention to posture, physical activity, manual handling and good back care can be empowering tools for the individual.

Managing Back Pain

When you are suffering with back pain you have to live with it all day, all the time, until you recover or some form of effective intervention is implemented. While you have pain, you can take a number of actions to control your pain- to help yourself. There are many small things for you to undertake to manage, lessen or improve your back pain.