Innotech has great news for back pain sufferers. Our EmbraceAIRPlus back support products have been proven  effective at relieving and preventing back pain in both clinical experience and scientific laboratory studies.  EmbraceAIRPlus  backrests and In-Line Seating products are covered by extended health care plans, motor vehicle accident insurance, worker’s compensation, and employee benefits worldwide. For lumbar and spinal rehabilitation, pain prevention and better back health  select the product that suits your lifestyle.

You customize your Backrest!

EmbraceAIRPlus products offer our patented features which allow you  to custom fit the back support to your back, easily.  Target the precise area you need  support then make it softer or firmer at your leisure.  First,  position the internal air bolster up or down to fit you and the seat you are using.  Then, by squeezing the bulb you can improve the position of your spine. (see demo) In this way our back supports are able to match your unique curve in your spine, precisely at the apex of your lordosis (your natural curve).  No other back support provides these benefits as easily and quickly as your new EmbraceAIRPlus.  We have been tested  and measured to be able to move the angle of your spine by up to 18 degrees!   The benefit of this is being able to fit you and change with you. Pain relief, pain prevention.

Back Supports Specifications

We know what is in our products. Our components are made here not in a far away factory with questionable standards.   Our wish is to supply you with the best made available components.  Our exclusive fabric is immune to fungus, bacteria, odor, and it wicks away moisture. Our  flame-retardant (with new California guidelines) open-celled foam is breathable and engineered to last 15 years of use (30 years on the In-Line Seating). To minimize our company’s footprint on our beloved planet we only use environmentally-friendly glue and recycled wood frames in construction (In-Line Seats have virgin molded plywood).   What can be better for the environment then building a product that lasts a very long time?  We offer a lifetime warranty on our air valve system and an limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  Before our  products are packaged we inspect and test each single one.  We are confident that when it leaves our hands it is going to work and going to last for you.

Available at SURGUIN

PropAir Sleeper

The PropAir Sleeper supports your spine curvature so you have less stress and less pain. Your energy and needs change daily, PropAir Sleeper changes with them. Reduce your back and neck pain. Improve your breathing. Reduce nerve root pressure while resting. Improve your sleep quality. PropAir Sleeper gently and correctly supports your spine. This product was developed over two years with scientific research testing and retesting of materials, design and function. 95% of test subjects agreeed PropAir Sleeper helped.



Black EmbraceAIR Plus

EmbraceAIRPlus was designed with the help of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and scientific proof. This patented design lets you determine the firmness of the support AND its exact position. Most importantly you can easily change the firmness with the push button valve and easy squeeze bulb. This creates changes in weight distribution and circulation patterns within the back. (see demo on right) Important to you for the prevention of back pain and damage that may be caused by extended (over 20 minutes) sitting. Get well and stay well.


Black EmbracePlus Back Rest

The Embrace Plus utilizes our vertically adjustable Kinetic Internal Sliding Support system. An internal added foam cushion provides the user with built in back support.  Although this product does not air adjust it represents and economical alternative to other products on the market.


Black LumbAIR Plus

LumbAIRPlus portable backrest inflatable support cushion works great in a bucket seat, airplane or anywhere. Check our unrivaled features. Our long wearing antimicrobial treated fabric, 15 year foam, an easy push button valve, a lifetime air guarantee, order from us, the inventors of this fine product. Highest quality. Made in Canada.

Portable Health and wellness support.

Inline Seating

Black Inline Seating

With a molded natural wood frame and high quality ‘30-year’ foam, our In-Line Seating cradles the buttocks and evenly distributes body weight. Contoured leg troughs and overflow edges reduce weight on bony prominences. Ideal when your current seat is either too hard, too soft, or when you want to stabilize your back support height. In-Line Seating can be attached to any of our "Embrace" type back supports with the included Velcro straps. Remember,  fabric treated to make it immune to fungus bacteria and odor.